Author Guideline


  1. The manuscript is written in English or Bahasa Indonesia and follows the rules of academic writing and standard grammar.
  2. The prescribed length of the manuscript is between 3.000 - 8.000 words. For typeface, use Book Antiqua, 12 points.
  3. The title should describe the contents of the manuscript, with a maximum of 15 words.
  4. Author's name should be accompanied by the author's institutions and email account, without academic title. For a joint paper, one of the authors should be identified as the corresponding author.
  5. The abstract should be written in 200-250 words. It should provide clear and accurate information, and contains background, gap analysis, objectives, methods, results or findings, and the conclusion of the research. Keywords  consisting of 3-5 words should accompany the abstract.
  6. Include an acknowledgements  if parties have made significant contribution in funding and/or provided support to the research. 
  7. Bibliography contains at least 20 references with 75% of them from reputable international journals. In addition, at least five of the references must have been published in the last three years. References to textbooks should be minimized (<20%). Bibliography is written using APA style format 6th edition. The authors should also use reference manager softwares such as Mendeley to arrange the bibliography. All articles and online references must include the DOI or URL.